Church Of The Assumption Of The BLESSED VIRGIN MARY

Type: Miejsce kultu religijnego
Góra św. Anny

The Valley in which stands the Church is called the Valley of Josaphat-the biblical Valley of the dead. This church is the focal point of the Calvary Mariana.
Here at the time of the celebration of trails Marian takes place a symbolic burial of the Virgin Mary (Saturday evening). However, in the morning of Sunday tryumfalnym removal figures of the VIRGIN MARY assumed into heaven begins III part of the glorious paths. The Interior of the chapel in its entirety polychrome. In oval medallions on gold background characters Christ and God the father; in the center of the form of a dove. In sails window bays we see symbols from the litany of Loreto. All framed floral nature framework are made of stucco. In the altar are placed pełnoplastyczną group of the assumption of the Madonna on the clouds surrounded by his adoring angels. Under the altar there is a symbolic tomb of the Virgin Mary. On the side walls we can see three images from the 18th century ornamental Rococo ornamentation of the framework: 1. The Annunciation; 2. Visitation; 3. The assumption N. P. . In the Church are located the statue carried during the celebration of the kalwaryjskich by the pilgrims: our Lady in a coffin carried by the Apostles and our Lady assumed into heaven, surrounded by angels.
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