The Olive Garden Chapel

Type: Miejsce kultu religijnego
Góra św. Anny

The Chapel is located on the slopes of the Mount of Olives from which visible is the monastery and St. Anna Basilica.
The décor of this Chapel is a group sculpture made in 1882 by artist Leo Müscha from school in Düsseldorf. showing Jesus praying on his knees in the garden of olives and standing before The Angel of the calyx. The statue carved out of stone are dazzling white, with fine gilding. The background for the sculptural group is a mural occupying three of the eight sides of the chapel depicting the night landscape shown in soft colors with a cloudy sky. Panorama of Jerusalem, that appears in the distance on the Hill Temple, as well as the landscape of the Mount of olives. From Jerusalem towards Jesus approaches a group of people with torches, sticks and swords.
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